WordPress Myths – Slides

Here is the slide show I used when I presented on common WordPress myths in February.

I’ll try to put a voice over to it at some point.

Update: For those who can’t see the slides here on the page (I’m looking at you IE9) you may be able to see them on Slideshare — http://www.slideshare.net/mikelittle/mwug-wpmyths

About Mike Little

Mike Little is the co-founding developer of WordPress and a director at zed1.com Limited, a web development and consultancy firm specialising in WordPress. You can find his blog at mikelittle.org and follow him on twitter @mikelittlezed1 He has been running MWUG since June 2009, and thinks having a pool of WordPress-savvy people; for learning, community, networking, sharing and so on; in the Manchester area is a really good thing.
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4 Responses to WordPress Myths – Slides

  1. David says:

    Where are the slides?

  2. David says:

    thanks. Works ok using chrome, but in IE9 with flash there are no slides.

  3. Great share, Mike! I’m going to direct my WordPress students here to check it out.

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